Secret of Ayurveda Client Testimonials


“I consulted Adele in October 2017 for help with the frequent, dramatic and debilitating menopausal hot flushes I was experiencing. I had been having the flushes for about two and a half years and they were making everyday life – especially when at work – very difficult indeed. I would regularly have two or three flushes an hour. Many times a day I would suddenly find my clothes soaking and my hair dripping, and I seemed to spend all my time fanning myself and standing at open windows trying to cool down.

Adele advised some fairly big changes to my diet in accordance with my Ayurvedic constitution and, although this seemed rather daunting at first, I tried it and within days I began to have fewer hot flushes, my sleep became less interrupted and I started to have much more energy and feel more comfortable within my body. A short time later, Adele added Ayurvedic herbal powders and other suggestions to my programme and, in combination with the dietary advice, after 60 days of this way of living I have next to no hot flushes, have lost weight, sleep much better and feel great! Adele is a caring and patient therapist, an excellent listener and a lovely person, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone in the dreaded hot flush stage of life.”

[Dianne, Hull - Testimonial December 2017]


"I have always been interested in complementary medicine and found Adele's website after my health problems had started to badly affect my life. I was suffering from frequent migraine headaches, fluid retention all over, weight gain and disturbed sleep - on top of going through the menopause. I had seen my GP but tests were normal - but I knew what I was experiencing wasn't normal.

Adele did a detailed report on all aspects of my life and health. She thought that many of my symptoms were due to my diet and suggested changing this to align with my dosha or body type. I did this and felt the benefits after the first week. I have gone on to stick to the diet - with some lapses for holidays! Now a year on, I don't have migraines or bloating and my sleep pattern is much better. I wouldn't have believed that an Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle could make such a difference."
[Ruth, Cardiff - Testimonial - 1st November 2017]​​​

Ruth Before


Ruth After



"When I first came to Adele in April it was because I had been recently diagnosed with Endometriosis, and the symptoms were getting increasingly difficult to manage. The pain, which had been contained to a few days a month, was lasting weeks every month and was causing IBS-like symptoms daily. I was physically and emotionally drained. Since the diagnosis six months before I had been following a vegan diet for months and had cut out dairy, refined sugar, gluten and caffeine as well as all processed food (a diet recommended for Endometriosis). Then a friend lent me a book about Ayurveda, and it made so much sense to me I sought out a practitioner - and was very pleased to discover there was someone practicing in Cardiff - that’s how I found Adele.

During my first appointment Adele was very welcoming and really listened. She recognised areas of my diet and lifestyle that would benefit from simple changes, and I saw results within days - the IBS symptoms disappeared almost immediately, and every period since then has improved greatly. I have seen them get lighter and the pain is infrequent and manageable. To see such drastic results in such a short space of time has been amazing, as these are symptoms that I have struggled with for years, and I’m hoping that by continuing to work with Adele I can start to treat the root cause of the disease. I have found Ayurveda to be a much gentler route to health than anything conventional medicine had to offer and I feel so much better for taking responsibility for my own health. I’d recommend Adele and Ayurvedic treatment to anyone."
[Nora - Testimonial - Cardiff July 2016]


"Adele has transformed my life. When I retired I made the decision to change my eating habits as my diverticulitis was so bad along with my acute indigestion I felt rotten. The pain in my stomach was so intense that antibiotics and painkillers no longer worked. The Ayurvedic eating plan, along with the herbs I take, have changed my life in so many ways. I now sleep soundly, I have no diverticulitis, no acid reflux and I now have lots of energy. Plus a gradual weight loss which is brilliant. 

Adele's knowledge is amazing. I never once thought that a few simple changes to my diet would have such a positive effect on my well-being. All it took was a few simple changes to the food I ate. As soon as I deviated from the diet, the acid reflux returned with a vengeance. I have promised myself never to return to my old eating habits. Anyone considering the Ayurvedic way of life should do so immediately, you will be amazed at how well and energised you will feel in such a short space of time."
​[Judith Tomkinson - Testimonial - Cardiff June 2016]


"Having Ayurvedic nutritional advice from Adele has been a very interesting experience and has given me a lot to think about in terms of my skin problem. This is in terms of how certain foods, according to our individual nature, can affect our health and the way we feel. Adele is very thoughtful and calm in her approach, a good listener, and is genuinely concerned to help her patients.

I also recently had an Ayurvedic Back, Shoulder, Head and Face Massage with Adele. I felt much more calm and relaxed after my Ayurvedic massage, and my skin also looked healthier. Adele has a very calming presence which made me feel comfortable and more relaxed. It was a lovely experience which I hope to be able to have again soon!"  
[Anna Parker - Testimonial - Cardiff - January 2016]


"In October 2015 I met up with Adele for an Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation. I explained my long-term eczema skin condition and Adele suggested ways to improve my skin and overall health by incorporating an Ayurvedic diet and using Ayurvedic remedies. 

My experience with Adele has been very positive and her advice has been valued greatly. She has an inspirational personality and she has been outstanding! She instantly puts you at ease, is warm and friendly, a good listener, enthusiastic and helped me greatly, answering any concerns and questions with helpful information. She welcomes your thoughts and looks for the best ways to help you achieve your goals. I have valued her knowledge and advice and strongly recommend her. Thank you and good luck for the future!"
[Sarah Price - Testimonial - Cardiff - December 2015]


"An amazing experience. Lovely, calming and relaxing. Adele is very enthusiastic and made me feel very relaxed. I look forward to further treatments and learning more about Ayurvedic massage. Many thanks." 
[Tracey Laight - Testimonial - Cardiff - April 2015]​


"I have had an Ayurvedic massage for the first time in my life. It was a lovely and relaxing experience. Adele was really charming and made it as pleasurable as possible for me. Thanks so much Adele I really enjoyed it!" 
[Janine Feldkamp - Testimonial - Swansea - July 2014]​​​


"I have had the most lovely, relaxing and amazing massage from Adele! I have had many Ayurvedic massages in my time and Adele is one of the best without a doubt! She is a lovely person who instantly calms you with her lovely relaxing aura. Thanks Adele it was wonderful and much needed!"
[Jacqueline Barleycorn - Testimonial - Brighton and Hove - April 2014]